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Science Quotations

From: Carl Gaither <cgaither628(at)>
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 21:18:19 GMT
Hello to the list again,

I can, with relative ease, provide the following format.
<record><record><author>Armour, Richard</author><title>ENEMA</title><quote>
I hymn the lowly enema,
<br> A very humble type, O,
<br>Not half so bright or half so keen
<br> Or sharp as is the hypo.
<br>No thing of glitter, poised in air,
<br> No instrument of grace,
<br>There’s this about the enema
<br> At least: it has its place.
</quote><reference>The Medical Muse
<br> Friends and Enemas

<record><author>Aston, Francis W.</author><title>ENERGY</title><quote>
Should the research worker of the future discover some means of 
releasing this energy in a form which could be employed, the human race 
will have at its command powers beyond the dreams of science fiction; 
but the remote possibility must always be considered that the energy 
once liberated will be completely uncontrollable and by its ntense 
violence detonate all neighboring substances. In this event the whole of 
the hydrogen on the earth might be transformed at once and the success 
of the experiment published at large to the universe as a new star.
</quote><reference>In the Nobel Foundation
<br> Nobel Lectures: Chemistry
<br> 1922–1941
<br> Mass Spectra and Isotopes
<br> Nobel Lecture, December 12, 1922 (p. 20)

<record><author>Bachelard, Gaston</author><title>ENERGY</title><quote>
The laboratory technician has succeeded in implementing by means of the 
atomic pile the Einsteinian principle of inertia of energy.
</quote><reference>Quoted by Paul Schlipp in
<br> Albert Einstein, Philosopher–Scientist
<br> The Philosophic Dialectic of the Concepts of Relativity, V (pp. 577–8)
I am using the find and replace aspects of Microsoft FrontPage.

While this isn't laid out neatly I am going to be able to insert any 
fields that you need. Do you require a unique ID field for each 
quotation? Is there any problem if the field is blank. For example, I 
don't have a date of birth for everyone at this time nor do I have the 
copyright information in a format to include at this time. How do I go 
about indexing new entries as they are input at later times? Should I 
worry about these things now or just get the 9000 quotations formatted 
as I have?

Carl Gaither
Received on Wed May 19 14:18:19 2004