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Use with a science quotation data file

From: Carl Gaither <cgaither628(at)>
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 17:45:03 GMT

My name is Carl Gaither.  Over the last nine years I have written a 
series of science quotation books.  I am now taking the quotations for 
those books and placing them on the WEB so that they can be searched 
electronically.  I now have them at

I am very interested in using the SWISH-E search engine and am wondering 
if it can accomodate my quotations.  I have seen the search engine work 
on other lists of quotations.  I am not the greatest at computers but I 
do try.  Any comments that anyone can provide as to what i want to do 
will be appreciated.

I am desiring that the searchword be returned in bold.

Some of the search results are huge.  For example, the search on 
"science" results in over 2000 quotations.

Do not hesitate to let others know of the existence of this material.  
I'm hoping that people will get use from it.

To be honest, I am also using this as a means of letting people know of 
my books.  However, they are getting a fair return for their visit to my 

Carl Gaither
Received on Wed May 19 10:45:04 2004