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URL display in property

From: Victor Babitchev <Victor.Babitchev(at)>
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 13:04:57 GMT

I defined one property ("LinkToAleph") that should be displayed as link, =
instead the URL is displayed as a plain text.

1 Good test title  ... -- rank: 1000

    Year:       2002
    swishdocsize:       31324
    LinkToAleph:           <A =
N=3DAC00000000" target=3D"_blank">AC00000000</A

Can one give me a tip where should I look at? (I could not not find it =
in the discussion list).

In the previous ver. of swish-e (2002) the same construct worked. I use =
now the current version of swish-e and its standard swish.cgi along with =
my .swishcgi.conf where I defined my properties to display =


Victor Babitchev
The Austrian Library Network

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