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Searching mailman ...

From: Jordan Hayes <jmhayes(at)>
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 20:12:24 GMT
Dobrica Pavlinusic <> writes:

> I have been hacking on to
> support Mailman.

I use SWISH-E for a Mailman list, and I'm curious about what you added;
do you have an example site I could look at?  I didn't change SWISH-E at
all; I just run over the files.  I changed some of the templates for
Mailman to support having a search entry box on every message; you can
see it here:

I looked at doing something that would filter out the headers, etc. but
gave up because I'm lazy and it didn't seem to bother the search results
much.  Also, using a spider does a lot more work and fouls my logs :-)

Received on Sun Apr 18 13:12:24 2004