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Swish-E and CSS

From: Phil Matt <philm(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 18:24:57 GMT
Oops! Out of place > in stylesheet link shoots down proper use of stylesheet! Why it 
worked at all with SOME CSS declarations is beyond me...

All is OK now. Except, I still can't see why the generated HTML from the 
TemplateDefault mod can't use the html code to call an include of some kind.

I just want to use a small file that holds the site menu, which is basically an ordinary 
<ul> converted into a useful menu with CSS. It's called via an include (either a PHP file 
or an SSI file, depending on the page that calls it...) all over the site. The client tends to 
change its mind about menu choices, so I really have to use an included file to avoid 
having to load a zilion instances of the menu by hand.

Thanks again for your collective help!

--Phil Matt
Received on Thu Apr 15 11:24:57 2004