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Help Detailed structure of Index file

From: Jignesh Jani <jignesh.jani(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 09:49:26 GMT
I have got the structure of Index files. If you can tell me the detailed =
structure of index file(s), it would be of great help to me. It is very =
necessary for me to know each and every item. Details which i got from =
archives is,
Index file contains,

- Header info
- Invert index (used in wildcard searchs)
- Hash Index (used in direct searchs)
- Words data (includes frequency, positions, etc)
- Document data (including properties)
- Properties/Metanames information
- Presorted loookuptables for properties
I am not able to get details of prop file structure also. Please tell me =
detailed structure of all the items listed above. I have already tried =
and found out what is Header Info content. For all other items i am =
realy looking forward to some of you genius.

Thanx in advance

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