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New to Swish-e

From: Sean McGilloway <Kashi(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 22:17:35 GMT
Hello all,

I'm very new to Swish, and very new to the languages it utilizes to =
index and query the index. I run the IT department for two small law =
firms in Seattle, WA. Given the current prices search engines go for =
these days ($10,000+) I ran across Swish and thought I'd give it a try. =
It's clearly not a turn-key solution (as the documentation points out) =
but I don't always stick with turn-key solutions. My goal is to create a =
simple web page interface that will let people search a Swish index for =
files. We're a 100% Microsoft shop in a Windows 2000 domain. I realize =
Swish is designed for web indexing, but I know it can also index other =
files if you have it setup properly. Here are some points/questions I =
have, if anyone is able to help me I'd be grateful!

 - We have one share (M:\) that contains all our files
 - Our files are PDF, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files
 - Does anyone have a standard config file that will index based on the =
above criteria?

The documentation goes into a lot of detail and the examples try very =
hard to explain in simple terms how the system works, but it's just not =
sinking in (probably because I'm not a perl programmer). I had to tweak =
around for an hour to figure out what files needed to be in which =
directory and whether or not to use / or \ when referencing the =
directories. So, ideally, I'd love to get my hands on a config file that =
looks something like this:

# run this config with "swish-e -????????"
# this config will index HTM and TXT files
# the index it will store to is "main.index"
# make sure that the following files are in the same
# directory as swish-e.exe:
# catdoc.exe,, etc etc

# write the directory to index below
# stopwords
Etc. etc. etc.

Can one config file index the entire site (for PDF, Word, Excel, =
Powerpoint, HTML, text, etc)? That would be ideal!!!!! Just one simple =
config file to do it all, and one DOS command to run. One index to =
search. If there is something like that I'd be REALLY interested to see =

As I get more comfortable with the system I'm sure I'll start nexting my =
config files, tweaking the perl code, finding moderate speed =
enhancements, and more. Right now, though, I just want the simple, slow, =
system. I can set it up for the users, get them hooked on it, maybe hire =
a consultant to help customize a few things, and develop some of the =
other ideas I have for Swish.

Sean (Kashi) McGilloway
Marten Law Group PLLC
1191 Second Avenue, Suite 2200
Seattle, Washington 98101
(206) 292-2600 (general)
(206) 292-2601 (fax)
(206) 292-2636 (direct)
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