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Re: word weight

From: <redna(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 08:44:31 GMT
>I posted a question before that got no reply...
>My understanding based on results is that swish-e does not discriminate 
>between words. Word frequency in a document is used to compute rank, but
>word's frquency in the overall document set is not considered. I just 
>remember being taught that the weight of a word in the rank should be 
>inversly proportional to the number of documents it appears in. This would

>cause the word 'the' to be of less weight than the word 'democracy', even
>(in most document sets) 'the' appears in the title and 'democracy' only in

>the body.
>Was disciminating among terms considered for swish-e and considered to be 
>too much additional work, or was it not included cuz it's a bad idea?
>Or did did the issue never come up?
>It seems it would give more relevant results.

I think you are right. Now it seems, that swish-e uses the number of hits
in a document to calculate rank whithout considering file size.

The way you propose will fix this, or no?

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