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Re: file globbing on windows

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 03:49:43 GMT
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 09:15:52PM -0800, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> >
> > What am I doing wrong? Does Windows support something like the *
> > wildcard character?
> You might try installing the Bash shell on the Windows machine.

I think Bill's right, Windows handles these things completely differently
from Unix-like systems on Unix the expansion is done by the OS.

On windows the application is supposed to handle the wildcard,
I think there may be WIn32 OS support for wildcards, but a Unix application
(swish-e) would not normally know to call those functions.

The way to get around that is to use a bash shell ... ie cygwin

Greg Ford
Received on Sat Feb 21 19:49:48 2004