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spider login problems

From: Mark Ward <mward(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 23:49:45 GMT
I'm having difficulties deploying the swish-e spider on my password
protected site.  When I initiate the swish-e command using a URL that
includes my login / password parameters, it only follows the links
available on the login page.  It isn't throwing an error of any kind.


The only reference to this issue that I could find in the swish-e
archive was,
which provided suggestions on how to escape the metacharacters.  I tried
all three methods without success.


The configuration file below shows an attempt to delimit the url by one
of the methods.  The url works as expected when entered into the address
area of the browser and logs me into the site.



# Use the "" program included with Swish-e



# Define what site to index

SwishProgParameters "default


Are there any other paths to take in debugging this issue?  Any other
ways to delimit the SwishProgParameters?  Any switches to set?


Thanks and regards,




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