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Re: Configuring limit to date ranges

From: Marko Faldix <marko.faldix(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 16:00:21 GMT

It was a problem of missing module Date::Calc. On Windows I missed that it
was not installed. After installing it via ppm it works.

But there is a question left:

If I have documents to index with meta information like

<meta name="date" content="2004-01-29" />

I would like to use this for date range. So I put

PropertyNamesNumeric date

into swish.conf and reindex. It works but now it seems that I can't use date
as display property. It's label is presented, but the respective date value
leaves an empty cell. Only if I had

PropertyNames date

The value was presented well in property table, but of course as we know
then you have this known failure because of string comparison.

So how could I use a PropertyNamesNumeric as one of the display_props?

So long
Marko Faldix
Received on Thu Jan 29 08:00:34 2004