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RE: Getting the right files indexed the right way

From: Rob de Santos AFANA <rdesantos(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 04:07:55 GMT
> > Thanks.  That makes a lot of sense from a security standpoint.   So,
> > what would be the best solution to get those filenames indexed by 
> > swish-e?
> Is there any reason you do not index the gallery itself?  
> That seems more useful than indexing only the JPEG files.

At this point that seems to be the only practical solution.  
> You can have SWISH-E ignore the robots.txt file with 
> ignore_robots_file in SwishSpiderConfig.

Yes, but it simplifies things considerably to use it (robots.txt).  In
this case, I'll just have to let swish-e have a go at the gallery itself
and see how that goes.  Then, I'll just watch and see what the other
spiders on the net do. 


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