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Re: How to install Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and HTM

From: Marko Faldix <marko.faldix(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 19:49:40 GMT


> BTW -- to follow up on a thread from last week on IIS and the current
> working directory, here's an old report:
> I assume they mean "relative" instead of "virtual".  Also it doesn't
> seem like it every got resolved -- other places I read that changing the
> working directory would cause other scripts to then fail.
> --
> Bill Moseley

Indeed. If programming in vbscript for IIS I always had to use

fullpath = Server.MapPath(relpath)

before writing to or reading from file fullpath, otherwise it fails.
Server.Mappath turns such like

Received on Tue Jan 27 11:49:41 2004