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How to install Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and HTML::Entities

From: Marko Faldix <marko.faldix(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 11:07:11 GMT

Maybe nice to have if excel files could indexed, too.

swish-e version: 2.4.1
perl v5.6.1

I have got a simple question as non Perl programmer and still no answer
found in documentation and discussion:

If I search for Spreadsheet::ParseExcel  and HTML::Entities at
I got source files and but no installing

Where do I have to put them (on Windows)? I tried different directories. Is
it true that finds them automatically if they are placed in
appropriate place?

Maybe someone with linux could post his pathes to and and I find equivalent on win.

Nothing works unless I put and into


Then using a simple Open Office Table saved as excel 95 I get error message:

C:\home\mydir\swish>Perl C:\Programme\SWISH-E\swish-filter-test
Subroutine Version redefined at C:/Perl/site/lib/HTML/ line 77.
Subroutine decode_entities_old redefined at
C:/Perl/site/lib/HTML/ li
ne 364.
Subroutine encode_entities redefined at C:/Perl/site/lib/HTML/
line 3
Subroutine num_entity redefined at C:/Perl/site/lib/HTML/ line
Can't locate object method "new" via package "SWISH::Filters::Entities"
 you forgot to load "SWISH::Filters::Entities"?) at
sh-e\perl/SWISH/ line 709.

Otherwise using other directories I got what I meant by "nothing works":

C:\home\mydir\swish>Perl C:\Programme\SWISH-E\swish-filter-test

Document http://localhost/OpenOfficeTestTabelle95.xls was not filtered.
   Document:     http://localhost/OpenOfficeTestTabelle95.xls
   Content-Type: application/
   Parser type:

** C:\Programme\SWISH-E\swish-filter-test:
  Skipping binary [http://localhost/OpenOfficeTestTabelle95.xls]

Marko Faldix
Received on Wed Jan 21 11:07:25 2004