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Re: Novice question: unknown MetaNames error

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 19:24:50 GMT
Hi Julie,

One more comment.  Seems you are using a config file from an old version
of swish-e.  It's a common thing to do, it seems.

There's used to be a config file with most if not all the
options defined -- and some incorrectly.  For example, that default
config contains both IndexOnly and NoContents -- but the NoContents
includes files that will never be touched because of the IndexOnly.

My suggestion (and that's all it is) is to have a config file with just
a few things that need to be changed from the default.

So your 160 line config file below could be reduced to:

    MetaNames dc.description dc.title dc.creator
    PropertyNames dc.description dc.title dc.creator
    ReplaceRules remove /home/hul/htdocs
    IndexOnly .pdf .html

    # Filter PDF
    # See
    # for a possibly faster, and better supported way
    FileFilter .pdf /usr/local/apache/swish/filter-bin/

    # Skip these (pathname may match a file -- do you mean dirname?)
    FileRules pathname contains BudgRep

I just think that's easier to manage.  But, again, that's just my

Then use an indexing script that does something like:

    echo "Indexing Aleph staff documentation"
    swish-e -c /path/to/config \
            -i /home/hul/htdocs/ois/systems/aleph/docs/test/ \
            -f /usr/local/apache/swish-indexes/metadata3.index \

And only generates output when there's a problem.  You can put the 
paths in the config file if you like (and can override with command line

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Jan 16 19:25:56 2004