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Incremental Indexing

From: Patrick O'Lone <polone(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 14:59:06 GMT

What does the --enable-incremental option do? There's really no
documentation around about it. Also, in src/config.h, there is an option
called USE_BTREE - is that experimental as well or any better for larger
indexes? Thanks for any responses!

BTW - I couldn't compile the program with the --enable-incremental, it died
while compiling src/db_write.c, on line 743. I'm sure it's because a pointer
to SWISHE *sw is not available locally to the setTotalWordsPerFile()
function call.

void setTotalWordsPerFile(IndexFILE *indexf, int idx,int wordcount)
#ifdef USE_BTREE
        DB_WriteTotalWordsPerFile(sw, idx, wordcount, indexf->DB);


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Patrick O'Lone
Software Project Manager

Received on Tue Jan 6 15:00:39 2004