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RE: SwishCtl

From: tom lewton <tomlewton1(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 30 2003 - 10:23:27 GMT
>The control is marked "safe for scripting". Which means it should not be
>possible for a web-site to use the control to access data on your
>hard disk - for this reason the index location is stored in the registry
>  - not as a parameter for the control which would be easier.

aahhhh, i see..... yes.

i should explain my interest, which is to use the dll in an application 
rather than on a web site, and i'd hoped SwishCtl had/could have been 
designed dual purpose. after a moment's thought, i think it's probably true 
that any program relying heavily on file access is likely, in fact, to need 
quite different implementations in these two settings because of the 
security issues... maybe i'll take a look at the source when i have time.

>Actually, we have agreed to remove the dialog boxes, but there is a
>deeper problem which is that SwishCtl erroneously returns an ActiveX
>error value when it encounters an error Internet Explorer does not
>handle this well (and can crash).   Fixing this properly requires a change
>to the API to add a "retval" parameter to several functions.

i did a very simple test using vba in word 2000, and can confirm it crashes 
that too.


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Received on Tue Dec 30 10:23:46 2003