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Re: indexing PDF files by page?

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 16:52:14 GMT
On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 08:40:54AM -0500, Thomas Dowling wrote:

> >I'm not sure how to create links that will jump to that section of the
> >PDF, though.
> <> 
> suggests that you can link to a document's "named destinations" created 
> within Acrobat, but not to any given page number.

I assume that's a specific feature of the Acrobat plugin.  I looked 
briefly at the acroread program on my machine and couldn't see how to 
make it jump to a destination.  My mozilla uses xpdf and it doesn't seem 
to have that feature, either.  Perhaps it's just a feature on Windows.

I also don't see how to extract the "destinations" using pdftotext, so 
we can't generate the links anyway.

Sure seem like being able to jump to a given page would be an obvious 

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Dec 17 16:52:23 2003