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RE: swish.cgi - another script?

From: Greg Fenton <greg_fenton(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 22:05:13 GMT
--- Aaron Bazar <> wrote:
> I think it will be useful. It is much easier to follow than the
> current
> cgi script (although I use the current cgi script on my site).

I second that emotion.  In fact, I would be interested to know how many
people are actually using any of the "advanced" features of the current
swish.cgi...  I'd hate to see effort going into maintaining something
that very few people are making use of.

A simpler script (or a set of scripts) would do better.  Maybe a couple
of simple scripts to show people what *can* be done, and let them build
their own from those?


Greg Fenton

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