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Re: UTF-8 (again)

From: Tim Freedom <tim_freedom(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 06:04:31 GMT
--- John Angel <> wrote:
> We agreed that utf-8 is the right thing, but who knows when it will be
> implemented.
> I repeat the question - what is the alternative until utf-8 support is
> implemented? 

Don't mean to harp on this topic - UTF-8 nowadays is really required,
can we hear some thoughts and direction (or please point me to a list
of things that are needed to bring this to reality).  The sooner swish-e
is UTF-8'ied, the happier everyone will be.  I'm sure the task is a
million times tougher than I can ever imagine, but isn't it worth a
try to go in that direction since it will ultimately happen anyway ?

Can we have a list of things/items that need to change so as to divide
up the work possibly ?  Would it require an 'rm -rf' and starting all
over ?



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