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Re: SWISH - IE -Integration - possible?

From: Johan Coetzer <jcoetzer(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 12 2003 - 13:20:11 GMT
I have written something that might be useful to you.
Unfortunately a web server is required, since CGI is used.
Apache is available for Windows, and works fine on a
stand-alone PC/notebook. I don't know of another way of
doing searches in a browser. If there is, I would benefit
from knowing about it. 

It is a CGI program, written in C, that will 
1) search SWISH-E indexes
2) display a list of matched documents, each with a summary
of lines form the original documents, with the hits
highlighted. For an example of this list check out

3) there are hyperlinks to the original documents and to an
HTML version of the document, with hits highlighted. For an
example of this, see

For the code, go to

The subproject that will interest you is called

It relies on another subproject to filter the original
files to ASCII text, called ac_filter_docs.

Documentation on the above is very sparse at present, but
it might be what you're looking for.

Johan Coetzer

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 10:00:28 -0800 (PST)
 Heimo Hanninen <> wrote:
> Hi SWISH-wizards
> SWISH-E looks like robust tool and very capable as an
> indexer and search tool. BUT
> I have a case with "tricky" requirements and
> wondering if anyone has experienced with something 
> similar? Any hints very much appreciated.
> Reqs for a web based stand alone "electronic manual":
> Must:
> -runs as stand alone app on typical power laptop
> -does NOT require any web server installation
> -built on top of std browser (IE-6, nice to have:
> Mozilla, Opera)
> -indexing supports across multiple manuals indexing,
> searching (one manual is basically one nested sub
> directory)
> -(X)HTML documents stored on local disk, small
> fragments, number of documents is 1000 - 10 000, total
> size of one manual 2,5 Mb - 25 Mb
> -equipped with full text search
> -GUI would be a normal DHTML "form":
>    -navigation frame, content frame, search frame
>    -search constrains entered in browser's search
> frame
> -searching is fast (based on indexed terms)
> -returns hit list back to browser view (or separate
> browser window) where you can pick a target and
> traverse the link and show up the document content
> Nice to have:
> -free license (at least for distribution, 
>  reasonable site licence cost for publishing
> "e-manuals" is acceptable)
> Notes:
> -(X)HTML docs generated from XML, so additional
> attributes, PIs, comments can be added to ease out
> indexing
> -Indexing files can be done even as a command line
> batch run, whenever new manual loaded or updated.
> I figure, Key question is how to integrate SWISH-E to
> std web browser say, IE 6.
> Can I just create a an HTML form and
> capture and send the string and other constrains to
> search engine using Jscript. Reading the hit list
> and rendering the results back to browser view...
> Or could I compile SWISH-E source into DLL-object and
> use ActiveX control in IE? A doomed plan?
> thanks for reading this far ;)
> Heimo Hanninen
> ..many things are possible....not feasible
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> internet was meant to be.

Johan Coetzer
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Received on Fri Dec 12 13:20:19 2003