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Directive to "NOT INDEX" a particular directory

From: Matt Torbin <matt.torbin(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 15:19:50 GMT
Hey all,

I have three directories as follows:


I want the directory HTML and the directory PDF to be indexed, but not 
CC.  This is what I currently have in my conf file:

# Tell Swish-e what to index (same as -i switch)
IndexDir /var/www/html
IndexDir /var/www/html/pdfs

I looked in the documentation, but I couldn't find a "NoIndexDir" 
directive (if there is one).  The directory CC does not contain unique 
file types, so I have to define the directive as per the name of the 
directory.  Any ideas?

Matt Torbin
Web and Graphic Arts Engineer
Received on Thu Dec 4 15:20:01 2003