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Changing the output location of a returned result

From: Matt Torbin <matt.torbin(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 13:03:25 GMT
Hey gang,

I have a quick question which I hope will return a quick answer.  I 
have swish-e setup to thread pdfs.  Everything is working great but one 
thing.  When I go to click on a returned result, I can't get to it 
because the path is wrong... technically.  The path returned is:


This returns an error from the server because technically, this isn't a 
location (as far as Apache is concerned).  So, in Apache I created an 
alias to deal with this, but unfortunately, this did not work.  The 
correct url should look like:


Where should I look to make this change?  Is this something that I can 
change in search.cgi?  Please advise.


Matt Torbin
Web and Graphic Arts Engineer
Received on Thu Dec 4 13:03:40 2003