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using another meta tag as a way to sort by date

From: NOW Website Coordinator <webperson(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 20:24:33 GMT
I'd like to use a meta tag as a way to sort by date, but instead of the 
actual file date, I'd like to use a tag which reflected the last change to 
the content, not just the formatting of the page.

I see that the Swish site has a search for this discussion list for Date 
Sent -- is that by file date or meta tag?  If it's by meta tag, does anyone 
have the code for it?  Also, what would the date format look like in the 
meta tag?

We use Swish 2.4 and swish.cgi currently.

Thanks in advance.
Received on Tue Nov 25 20:33:38 2003