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2.4.0-pr4 RPMs, RH9

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Sat Oct 25 2003 - 06:51:08 GMT
I've updated the SWISH-E RPM spec for the impending release of SWISH-E
2.4.0.  Perhaps there are some Red Hat 9 users on the list who might
want to test the RPMs?  (Preferably not on a "production" system. ;-) 
You can either use APT-RPM to install the packages and their
dependencies or you can manually download all the files yourself.

To use APT I would recommend installing APT 0.5.5cnc6 from Dag Wieers:

To add my repository to 0.5.5cnc6 install this RPM:

For other APT versions you can add this to your sources:
  rpm redhat/9/en/i386 desktop

If you don't want to use APT then you can manually download and install
SWISH-E along with the (up to 25) dependency packages from here:

Some repository info:
Yes, I plan to start making "official" RPM releases of SWISH-E.  Also, I
plan to support YUM for Intel and maybe PPC.  I will eventually sign all
the packages.  I'll probably create a separate "testing" repository for
future development releases of SWISH-E.  I'll also start supporting
these things on Fedora Core once it releases.  Assuming my server
bandwidth doesn't exceed quota I expect to support this for the
foreseeable future.  Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is an overview of the SWISH-E RPM packages:

swish-e: swish-e, libswish-e, -S http spider, man pages
swish-e-perl: swish.cgi,, SWISH::Filter, etc
swish-e-doc: extra documentation and examples
swish-e-devel: Development headers and libraries

swish-e-perl is simply to reduce dependencies for those who don't need
PERL.  This package depends on something like 25 CPAN modules not
provided by Red Hat.

These packages may change depending on feedback.  The sooner you try
them and report back the better the chance your changes will make it
into 2.4.0.

 David Norris
  ICQ - 412039
Received on Sat Oct 25 07:03:35 2003