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swish.cgi question

From: Aaron Bazar <aaronb(at)>
Date: Sat Oct 18 2003 - 14:41:47 GMT

I appreciate your help.

I use the swish.cgi program with the API and speedycgi and the module.

I would like to create a new variable like <TMPL_VAR
QUERY_SIMPLE> but I want the variable to be something I create
from the QUERY_SIMPLE variable. For example, if the query is
"gifts for christmas", I want to be able to create a different
variable like "gifts+for+christmas" and have it show up in the
final html template where I put in <TMPL_VAR
MY_NEW_QUERY_VARIABLE> . I have been searching for where to do
this in the code for a long time, but have had little luck.

Basically, I need to know where the "$query" variable is, where
it can be manipulated to make another variable, and where/how
this information can be passed through
into the final html shown to the browser. Where is the variable
that becomes QUERY_SIMPLE?

With this information, I hope to take the $query (the words used
in the search), do things with it, like run a spell checker, make
different variables, and put them on the results page with the
templating system.

Thanks again for your help!

Aaron Bazar
Received on Sat Oct 18 14:41:55 2003