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Re: Burn index and website on cd

From: Tim Strehle <tim(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 11:33:41 GMT
Hi Jan,

 > Anyhow, I'm curious: Am I the first one who tries to
 > create a search for a CD and get's into all this
 > trouble? Is there maybe a faster way to use the index
 > files of swish-e (the only thing I found was a java
 > applet and that is quite outdated (1.3))? Or do you
 > use another engine to do offline searches?

you're certainly not the first one :-)

For in-house use, we've created a tiny Delphi program that calls the 
swish-e executable, lists matching page's titles in a list box on the 
left and uses an embedded Internet Explorer control on the right to 
display the matching page.

It runs fine off a CD (or from elsewhere) without any installation 
procedure. The CD contains the Delphi program, the swish-e.exe, index 
files + the HTML, of course.

Not very advanced, but it does the job.

(We were doing this for transportable e-mail archiving: Convert Mozilla 
mail into HTML pages using hypermail, create the swish-e index, put 
everything onto a CD, done.)

If you're interested, we can send you a copy or make it available on the 


Tim Strehle
Digital Collections    
Received on Tue Oct 14 11:33:44 2003