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bug report

From: Rich Morin <rdm(at)>
Date: Sun Oct 12 2003 - 21:28:41 GMT
I'm looking over the Swish-e documentation, trying to learn enough to
find out if I should propose it as a tool on an upcoming project.  In
the process, I'm finding some docubugs which I'd like to report.

   *  There is no obvious place to post bug reports.  I _did_ find a note,
      deep in the README, that says:

         "Please contact the Swish-e list with corrections to this
          documentation.  Any help in cleaning up the docs will be

      so I guess I'm positing this to the right place...

   *  I guess, from assorted hints, that Swish-e is mostly written in C,
      but I see no direct statement to this effect.

   *  The double quotes I see are of the form ``prog''; it would look
      better (to me :-), as "prog".

   *  "Swish-e it extremely fast in both indexing and searching ..."

   *  "... and to seemlessly integrate a search engine into ..."

   *  "(see: )"

   *  "html         => "HTML"
      "open source" => "Open Source"
      "pod"         => "POD"
      "Postscript"  => "PostScript"

   *  "A list of platforms where Swish-e has been build can ...

   *  "Building these other forms of documentation require ..."

   *  "Work through the example in shown in the ..."
      "Work through the example shown in the ..."

   *  "A slightly modified version of this package is include with ..."

   *  "Please contact the Swish-e disussion list ..."

   *  "... before placing into production."
      "... before placing it into production."

   *  "perl"        => "Perl" (when speaking of the language)
      "unix"        => "Unix" or "UNIX"

   *  "See <Indexing> below."

   *  "But, Swish-e works with eight Bit characters, ..."

   *  "That expensive CPU is suppose to be busy."
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Received on Sun Oct 12 21:29:14 2003