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RE: Filerules specifications

From: <Christopher.Bragg(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 08 2003 - 11:46:21 GMT
I think you're right about the wildcards. I have spent much time looking
at the documentation you mention before posting the message - I cannot
see (or at least work out) how to combine them as appears to be the case
- for example to combine a (starts with) "x"  and a   (ends with)
".htm", which is what I believe I need to do, as I want to index all
other .htm files and some non-.htm files starting with "x".


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From: Bucharow Leonard [] 
Sent: 08 October 2003 12:35
To: Bragg, Christopher (Radiotherapy Physics)
Subject: AW: [SWISH-E] Filerules specifications

As first I would see the SWISH-E documentation for more information,

Anyway, I think, typical wildcards are not allowed in this directive.

Have a nice day!

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From: Bragg, Christopher (Radiotherapy Physics) 

This is probably a simple query, but I can't get my head round it -
sorry if so! I want to set up a FileRules line such that any documents
of the form x*.htm are not indexed. That is, they start with the letter
x AND are .htm files. 
So I have tried something along the lines of 

FileRules filename contains x*.htm

(and as many variants based on the examples in the manuals as I could
think of!) but that particular one removes all .htm files. Is it
possible to combine two commands - or how would I incorporate a suitable
wildcard-type phrase?


Received on Wed Oct 8 11:46:23 2003