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"index file format is unknown" error & parsing images

From: <Christopher.Bragg(at)>
Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 13:26:44 GMT
Hi... 2 queries
I am trying to index an intranet site using version 2.2.3 All was going
well, but suddenly I have been receiving  "err: the index file format is
unknown"  errors whenever I try to search the index files from the
command line. I have reverted to the last working version of the config.
file, but still get the message. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong?
(I do want the storedescription, etc., in eventually, but have remmed it
out temporarily!). 
Also, is there any way to stop the parsing of .gif and .jpg files - I
have the NoContents towards the end, but this isn't stopping it - is it
possible to specifically block them from the parser?

Many thanks in advance,


IndexDir /home/httpd/html
IndexDir /home/wasters/PCfiles/public_html

IndexFile /usr/local/bin/rtpnet1

IndexContents HTML* .htm .html .shtml
IndexContents TXT .txt .log .text
IndexContents XML* .xml
#DefaultContents HTML

Metanames swishdocpath swishtitle
#PropertyNamesMaxLength 1000 swishdescription
#PropertyNameAlias swishdescription body
#StoreDescription TXT 2000
#StoreDescription HTML* <body> 2000

IndexReport 3
FollowSymLinks yes
IgnoreTotalWordCountWhenRanking yes

ReplaceRules replace "/home/httpd/html" "http://smpnet"
ReplaceRules replace "/home/wasters/PCfiles/public_html"


IgnoreLimit 50 1000

#IndexComments 0
# This option allows the user decide if to index the comments in the
# default is 1. Set to 0 if comment indexing is not required.

NoContents .pps .EXE .xls .XLS .chm .CHM
NoContents .gif .xbm .au .mov .mpg  .ps .jpg .zip .exe .ppt .avi

 FileFilter .pdf /usr/local/bin/
 FileFilter .doc /usr/local/bin/
 FileFilter .dot /usr/local/bin/ 
Received on Mon Oct 6 13:27:00 2003