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searching in one file

From: Leon <leon_un(at)>
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 14:26:05 GMT
Hi all,
I want to index one file 
something like
<val>   001
             <adr>  a1 </adr>
             <ozn>  b1 </ozn>

<val>   002
             <adr>  a2 </adr>
             <ozn>  b2 </ozn>

<val>   003
            <adr>  a3 </adr>
            <ozn>  b3 </ozn>

val adr ozn are Metanames and PropertyNames
document in xml format

comand  swish-e -w 'val=001' -p val 
return all values in file ( 001 a1 b1   002 a2 b2  003
a3 b3)

how I can return fields whish is satisfy the
of searching.


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Received on Tue Sep 23 14:26:22 2003