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Filtering problems

From: Klingensmith, Rick <klingensmith(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 22:25:13 GMT
I've caused myself some more problems with filtering PDF documents I
believe. I've installed the latest windows install exe on my test server and
modified windows fork in This was to get around a memory issue
that started, which we couldn't solve. Now I'm getting the following error
message when swish-e tries to index a pdf: 


retrieving (1)...

Can't locate object method "convert" via package "SWISH::Filter" at

wishspider line 149.


I also wrote over some of my configuration files on my laptop when I
installed the latest daily build and lost some information so I may be
missing a change to a configuration file that I should have. I looked at
swishspider and this is the statement causing the problem:


    my $doc = $filter->convert(

        document => $content_ref,

        name     => $response->base,

        content_type => $content_type,


The current release version of swishspider on my server uses this statement:

   my $filtered = $filter->filter(

        document => $content_ref,

        name     => $response->base,

        content_type => $content_type,


What am I missing?




Richard Klingensmith

MSU Human Resources Information Systems

1407 S. Harrison Road Ste. 40

East Lansing, MI 48823

(517) 432-4636 ext. 155


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