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PropertyNames automatically derived from MetaNames

From: Bill Conlon <bill(at)>
Date: Sun Sep 07 2003 - 17:46:53 GMT
I'm a little confused by the distinction between meta names and property 

When I index my site with UndefinedMetaTags auto, the metanames appear in 
the debut, e.g.:

Title: Responding to Developmental Disabilities
X-Meta-Age: 0-5,6-11,12-17,18-22
X-Meta-Description: Explanation of county's approach and listing of 
relevant service providers
X-Meta-Document Type: Overview
X-Meta-Eligibility Requirement: open
X-Meta-Geography: county-wide
X-Meta-Modality: home-based,outpatient,day 
X-Meta-Provider Type: County-operated
X-Meta-Type: document

Can metatags be automatically indexed so they are available as 
properties?  (I ask because my application allows the users to define 
categories and attributes which get converted into <meta 
name="categoryname"  content="attribute list">.  I can extract the 
categories from the db to define properties when I run the indexing 
script for a particular client.  

But maybe they can be be automatically indexed (and I don't see it in the 

Bill Conlon

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Received on Sun Sep 7 17:48:32 2003