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Ignoring tags of a certain class.

From: John McGowan <mcgowan(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 14:27:21 GMT
I'm indexing a site that has an entirely textual navigation system, and 
I want to configure swish-e to ignore those menus when indexing the 
site.  The site is at

the menu code is in <td> tags, like the following...

<TD CLASS="MENUTEXT"><A CLASS=MENUAT HREF="main.taf?p=0">Home</A></TD>

but of course I don't want to ignore all TD's or all A's.

Is there a way to ignore only TD's whose CLASS=MENUTEXT? or something 
like that?

I'm running the latest stable binary distribution for windows. that I 
downloaded about a week ago.  If there is a feature in a newer version 
that would help me I'd love to know about it.

By the way... Great piece of software you've got here. 

John McGowan
Received on Thu Sep 4 14:29:47 2003