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RE: Template Toolkit

From: Roubart Capcap <RCapcap(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 29 2003 - 21:11:13 GMT
Thanks for the explanation.  Following your answer, I changed my config from:

        template => {
            package         => 'TemplateToolkit',
            file            => '',

        template => {
            package         => 'SWISH::TemplateToolkit',
            file            => '',

and it worked.  The old .swishcgi.conf seems to use the earlier configuration.  Thanks again.

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Subject: Re: [SWISH-E] Template Toolkit

On Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 01:23:49PM -0700, Roubart Capcap wrote:
> I noticed this difference between the swish-e-2.2.3-win32.exe and
> swish-e-2.4.0-pr1-2003-8-18.exe while I was trying the 2.4 version to
> work.  The on the former only has "package
> TemplateToolkit;" while the other has "package
> SWISH::TemplateToolkit;".  My config file has "unshift @INC,
> 'C:/Search/modules';" If I run my I get this error:
> Can't locate object method "show_template" via package
> "TemplateToolkit" at C:\Search\ line 756.
> Even if I put the modules in C:\Search\modules\SWISH and then even if
> I changed the config to "unshift @INC, 'C:/Search/modules/SWISH';" I
> still get the error.

That won't work.  See below.

>  The only time I was able to make it work was to
> change the to"package TemplateToolkit;".  Is this
> the correct way to solve this?

The package at the top of the module must match the "package" setting in 
the swish.cgi config file.

        template => {
            package         => 'SWISH::TemplateToolkit',
            file            => '',
            options         => {
                INCLUDE_PATH    => '/home/moseley/swish-e/example', 
                #PRE_PROCESS     => 'config',

So in that case should be:

  package SWISH::TemplateToolkit;

It doesn't have to be in the SWISH:: namespace, but the package must 
match in the config and the top of the module.

Where the file TemplateToolkit is installed doesn't matter as long as 
the @INC array is set.  If @INC = ('c:\some\path') then the module would 
be installed in c:\some\path\SWISH\

You could have:

        template => {
            package         => 'My::Own:Special:Place::TemplateToolkit',

and then it would be in <prefix>\My\Own\Special\Place\ and 
then set

   use lib '<prefix>';

where <prefix> is any path you like.

Does that make any sense?

I typically say "use lib" instead of "unshift @INC", but since the 
modules are loaded at run time it doesn't really make any difference.

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Aug 29 21:12:45 2003