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Swish-e web implimentations...

From: Jeffrey Isherwood <ish(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 13:53:45 GMT
Hey thanks a lot for the help I've gotten in getting my swish up and running
guys, still have a couple more questions...

I'm using:
Redhat 8.0
Siwsh-e 2.2.3

Is there a better way?  Or a more "preferred" way?

My boss likes the speed of swish, compared to every other searching tools we've
tried.  I like it's ease of use, compared to the overhead of many other

But now they are asking me if it can give us "better output", something with a
bit more information returned on hits?

What I get with swish-e/simplesearch is:

Searching for " crime":

Index of CSL private last updated on Wed, Aug 20th, 2003 13:55:44
Displaying 1 through 10 of 38 results.

Score: 1000, Size: 626160 Bytes, 

Score: 1000, Size: 590753 Bytes,

They'd like some more information displayed on each hit, to give the searcher
an idea of what pages it found?

I'm not sure that's possible with the simplesearch is it?

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Dolphin Technology Inc.
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