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Swish-E search hangs on large indices (on RedHat 9.0)

From: Kay Hofmann <kay.hofmann(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 10:29:43 GMT
I am running into a problem when indexing some text files in
my home directory for fulltext searching. The resulting index
is quite big.

I am using SWISH-E 2.4.0-pr1 and the problems started when I upgraded to 
RedHat 9.0. The indexing process works fine and no error or warning is
reported. However, when I try to use the index, the program hangs and can
be interrupted only by ctrl-c. This problem occurs not only in search mode
(using -w) but also with "-k" queries.

When trying to track down the problem, I noticed that everything works
fine when indexing only a subset of the files, it looks like the index  size
is a part of the problem. Also, on another computer running RedHat 7.3
(with several upgraded packages and a contemparary kernel) everything
works fine, even with the huge index (approx. 100 MB index size)

Is there a known size problem or a known incompatibility with RedHat 9 ?
I couldn't find any information in the FAQ or in the archive. A further
possible complication is that the files to be indexed are on a NFS-mounted
partition, but I guess this doesn't make a difference, or does it?

Any hints would be appreciated,

Received on Wed Aug 20 10:29:57 2003