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Re: swish-e speed? (performance issues, or bonehead admin?)

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 21:26:47 GMT
On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 01:49:34PM -0700, Jeffrey Isherwood wrote:
> I got swish installed, configured and running... Not quite sure of all the
> steps that I took, just kept banging on it...
> But I've run the index:
> 111 files indexed.  2226643 total bytes.  211193 total words.
> Elapsed time: 00:00:08 CPU time: 00:00:08
> And when I try to do a search it times out on any word that appears more than
> 15 times or so...
> I'm sure I did something wrong, but can't find anything in the FAQs about
> performance hits or tweaks.

Swish-e doesn't have any timeouts built in.  I think the CGI script
does, though. 

How about some more details.  Like cut-n-paste output from running 
something like:

   $ swish-e -w foo

If that hangs then there's some odd bug and then we will want either the 
smallest collection of documents you can find that shows the problem or 
the index file itself (although the source documents are best).

Is it possible you are running two different versions of swish?

> "If you don't secure your (wifi) network you might as well broadcast your email
> on FM radio"
>             - Gail Thackeray, Asst. Attorney General Az

Of course, but you don't really need to bother with WEP.

Bill Moseley
Received on Mon Aug 18 21:27:12 2003