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Re: Win XP compatibility settings

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 07:27:45 GMT
Kia ora (greetings)

Further to my earlier problem, I built swish-e from current cvs using VC++ 6
and it worked without problems (building it with VC++ was a pain though).

> On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 03:14, Greg Ford wrote:
> > (1) After installing swish-latest.exe (7 Aug?) - swish-e.exe was able to
> > index using my existing config files, but crashes (access violation)

> What was the last version that worked?  If you can narrow it down to a
> specific date or even a range of dates that would help quite a lot.

I was previously using 2.2.3 (I think).

> If you want to test old daily builds but no longer have the installer
> then let me know which date you need.  I have all the daily installers
> archived.

> > searching I checked the properties for swish-e.exe and changed the
settings on the
> > compatibility tab to make it Windows 95 compatible - after this it

> Any idea what Windows 95 compatibility does?  Maybe it breaks
> differently with the compatibility.

No. I'm afraid it is a mystery to me - I had a quick look at the MS docs,
but they suggested most of the changes were related to gui operation!

> > It was not previously necessary to do this to get swish-e.exe to run on
> > I have a vague recollection of reading something about this somewhere?
> > but I could not find a reference to it.
> I know almost nothing about Windows XP.  I did build a few SWISH-E
> releases using MSVC7 on Windows XP.  I believe I had (worse than normal)
> stat() problems with MSVC7's runtime when the programs were run on
> Win9x.  I no longer use MSVC7 for various reasons; primarily because
> MSVC6 provides better project compatibility.  MSVC7 can't export
> makefiles nor MSVC 5/6 projects but it can import.

I'm using MSVC 6.

> > (2) As I can't currently access cvs through my firewall, I've had some
> > trouble synching my SwishCtl sources with the main ones
> You can download the entire CVS repository here:

Thanks that worked a treat.

I'll put cvs access on my list of things to do/get!

> Extract it somewhere (e.g. c:\cvsroot) then set
> CVSROOT=c:/cvsroot/swishe however your CVS client does that.  Now you
> can checkout swishctl from your local copy.
> > I did manage to build the swishlib-mt
> > and swishctl, but not swish-e  are the VC++ project files still working?

> As of roughly a week ago they were working fine.  But, CVS is constantly
> changing.  I typically only update the MSVC projects when needed or for
> a release.

OK I got them going - after a struggle with the settings for XMLLIB.

(For the record) I was getting lots of messages like:

    libswishindex.lib(parser.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external
symbol _stricmp

Eventually I tracked these down to the compiler settings on the xmllib2
library -
i.e. you have to recompile xmllib2 as single-threaded in order to build
swish-e single-threaded.
(  that's /ML option in the compiler settings)

> >  - any chance of a daily build for SwishCtl (David?)?
> Probably not.  But, if someone knows how I could cross-compile MSVC++
> code under Linux then maybe.  I was never able to build g++ as a
> cross-compiler.

Hmmm. good point - there may be issues around the ATL libraries as well...

>  David Norris
>   ICQ - 412039


Greg Ford
Received on Tue Aug 12 07:33:59 2003