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Date searching

From: Ander <redna(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 06:41:46 GMT
	Hi all:

	I'm going to index some files and I've defined a meta tag ("data") to 
store dates. It looks so in the config file:
	MetaNames mota data
	PropertyNamesDate data

	Now I'm triying to do the following search:

	./swish-e -w 'data>1058832000' -f myindex

	But the result is not as expected. There's no any file which data is 
greater than 1058832000 but I'm having results. I'm not sure if this 
searching mode is correct. I mean that I don't know if I can use  ">" and 
"<" operator on the search.
	Could anyone help me?	Thanks
Received on Tue Jul 29 06:42:09 2003