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"too many open files"

From: Chris Kantarjiev <cak(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 23:27:56 GMT

I'm a new swish-e user, just downloaded 2.2.3, running on a Sparc 10
(ancient hardware!) with OpenBSD 3.1. I'm trying to index a large
email archive where each message is in an individual file - currently
about 15,000 messages.

I try running

	swish-e -i . -f ../index.swish -e -v 5

and get

	err: Couldn't open temporary file './swtmplocD14751': Too many open files

I have used sysctl to increase kern.maxfiles - twice now, from 1058 to 2048 
to 4096 - the swish-e process dies after the same number of files every time.

Help? Is this running into a per-process limit rather than an overall limit,

Received on Thu Jul 17 23:28:54 2003