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index metanames, no return in search

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 14:58:57 GMT
I'm impressed with swish-e so far; very fast, from my perspective.

I've been fooling around with the metaname indexing. I can get the content of 
the metaname to return as a field in a text search, but cannot seem to get the 
metaname field *itself* to be searched.


% ./swish -f irix.index -c swish-default.conf -T INDEX_METANAMES

-----> METANAMES for irix.index <-----
         swishdefault : id= 1 type= 1  META_INDEX  Rank Bias=  0
        swishreccount : id= 2 type=42  META_INTERNAL META_PROP:NUMBER
            swishrank : id= 3 type=42  META_INTERNAL META_PROP:NUMBER
         swishfilenum : id= 4 type=42  META_INTERNAL META_PROP:NUMBER
          swishdbfile : id= 5 type=38  META_INTERNAL META_PROP:STRING(case:compare)
         swishdocpath : id= 6 type= 6  META_PROP:STRING(case:compare) *presorted*
           swishtitle : id= 7 type=70  META_PROP:STRING(case:ignore) *presorted*
         swishdocsize : id= 8 type=10  META_PROP:NUMBER *presorted*
    swishlastmodified : id= 9 type=18  META_PROP:DATE *presorted*
            pubnumber : id=10 type= 1  META_INDEX  Rank Bias=  0
            pubnumber : id=11 type=70  META_PROP:STRING(case:ignore) *presorted*

% ./swish-e -f irix.index -c swish-default.conf -w '"debugging test"' \
  -x '<pubnumber>\n'

# SWISH format: 2.2.3
# Search words: "debugging mode"
# Number of hits: 26
# Search time: 0.024 seconds
# Run time: 0.118 seconds

% ./swish-e -f irix.index -c swish-default.conf -w 'pubnumber=SG-2009_9.0' \
-x '<pubnumber>'
# SWISH format: 2.2.3
# Search words: pubnumber=SG-2009_9.0
err: no results

% cat swish-default.conf
# include the PUBNUMBER meta value for each file
# save the PUBNUMBER in the index so its search-able
PropertyNames PUBNUMBER
# minimum word length
MinWordLimit 3

I'm indexing with the -S prog option. It seems to be working fine from the 
indexing point of view, since the pubnumber is successfully captured from the 
HTML files. However, I seem to be missing the trick when it comes to searching 
on pubnumber content. I've read the documentation (several times).

Any suggestions?


Peter Karman - Software Publications Programmer - Cray Inc
phone: 651-605-9009 -
Received on Thu Jul 10 15:00:46 2003