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Re: Swish DLL please

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 14:39:51 GMT
Hi Ruben

> I think this has been asked many times before.
> Is there a Win32 DLL for Swish-E? If not, could you please make one?
> I think it is a very good feature and personally, I don't like
> shelling to the executable. DLL should be far faster, more reliable
> and more professional.

There is a DLL, (you may need to download the Win32 sources and compile it?)
There may even be a pre-compiled DLL somewhere...

Perhaps you can use SwishCtl instead of a DLL?

> Since Visual Basic IMHO
>is the easiest way to design Win32 GUI, it is

But not the best (IMHO) - and certainly not very portable to
open source OS systems.

> good to have Swish-E in DLL with functions accessible from VB or any
> language.

If you are working in VB then ActiveX is the way to go - rather than trying
do the parameter passing in your VB code.... so the SwishCtl ActiveX
wrapper for Swish-e should do what you want.

It's in SWISH-E CVS under the swishctl module.
anonymous CVS info:

CVS web interface:

Much of the library interface code can be seen here:

> You can even end up writing a version of Swish-E that runs like The
> Sleuthhound!:
> Personally, I have created a program in VB that is a custom database
> for a very specialized purpose, in a custom formatted file. These are
> internally used for a web project, not (yet) for public distribution.

> Why we need indexing is because we have source documents from which
> we extract quotes from (to make the databases) and the project
> members have to index the source documents, search for keywords, then
> enter the extracted section by copy and paste as well as manually
> discern the source of the extract. We are presently using The
> Sleuthhound! together with my software.

Ahah! You didn't mention Indexing earlier - SwishCtl only wraps the
functions of Swish-e.

Recent work on Swish-e has been moving the functionality into
swish-e.lib (which is easily wrapped in a DLL) I don't know whether the DLL
version includes indexing features.

> Why I am looking at Swish-E as a DLL is so that I could expand my
> program in such a way that the VB program that calls the functions
> from the DLL could index and search the source documents,

N.B. for certain kinds of documents, swish-e relies on external filters
during the indexing phase. So you may need to "shell out" to run the
filters anyway...

>plus, the
> users could highlight the portion that they want from the document
> and click a button. The software would then instantaneously enter the
> highlighted portion as a new record into a presently created database
> file as well as discern its source automatically and enter that as
> well, instead of the present hassle of copying and pasting, switching
> windows between apps, manually entering sources etc.

Yep.. there's plenty of good applications for full-text databases, and

> Since Swish-E is a GPL'ed project, creating a DLL would have many
> potential uses that the original creators did not foresee

Yes - I suspect Swish-e will begin to be used where
people would previously have used a relational database.

> and so I
> request that it is done and made available formally. After all, only
> the developers of Swish-E know the codes very well and could do this
> task very aptly.

I enjoyed working with the swish-e codebase
while I was working on SwishCtl... I found the swish-e developers
very helpful. But as they are volunteers, you may need to
wait for any new features - or better yet look at adding them

Greg Ford
Received on Sun Jul 6 14:39:57 2003