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Swish DLL please

From: Ruben <rubenn(at)>
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 13:17:39 GMT
Dear Swish-E team and users,

I think this has been asked many times before.

Is there a Win32 DLL for Swish-E? If not, could you please make one? 
I think it is a very good feature and personally, I don't like 
shelling to the executable. DLL should be far faster, more reliable 
and more professional.

Since Visual Basic IMHO is the easiest way to design Win32 GUI, it is 
good to have Swish-E in DLL with functions accessible from VB or any 

You can even end up writing a version of Swish-E that runs like The 

Personally, I have created a program in VB that is a custom database 
for a very specialized purpose, in a custom formatted file. These are 
internally used for a web project, not (yet) for public distribution.

Why we need indexing is because we have source documents from which 
we extract quotes from (to make the databases) and the project 
members have to index the source documents, search for keywords, then 
enter the extracted section by copy and paste as well as manually 
discern the source of the extract. We are presently using The 
Sleuthhound! together with my software.

Why I am looking at Swish-E as a DLL is so that I could expand my 
program in such a way that the VB program that calls the functions 
from the DLL could index and search the source documents, plus, the 
users could highlight the portion that they want from the document 
and click a button. The software would then instantaneously enter the 
highlighted portion as a new record into a presently created database 
file as well as discern its source automatically and enter that as 
well, instead of the present hassle of copying and pasting, switching 
windows between apps, manually entering sources etc. 

Since Swish-E is a GPL'ed project, creating a DLL would have many 
potential uses that the original creators did not foresee and so I 
request that it is done and made available formally. After all, only 
the developers of Swish-E know the codes very well and could do this 
task very aptly.
Warmest regards,
"The more you know, the less you understand."  - Lao Tzu
Received on Sun Jul 6 13:17:57 2003