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wordnet and swish-e

From: Aaron Bazar <aaronb(at)>
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 15:21:29 GMT
Hello everybody!

I was wondering if anybody has any experience using Wordnet with Swish-e ?

I was thinking of setting my search sites up so that synonyms or similar
words might be searched at the same time. So, if you were to go to and type in "credit card", you might also get
search results returned for "charge card", or at least a link on the side
asking if you would like to perform a search on charge cards.

By the way, if anybody needs help setting up swish-e on ENSIM webappliance
for Linux, I may be able to offer advice. I have set it up on a few sites
now including and . It
really is a great search engine software and works well in Ensim with a few

Thanks a lot!

Aaron Bazar
Received on Sat Jul 5 15:21:43 2003