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From: John Almberg <jalmberg(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 15:27:28 GMT
I've used SWISH on a number of sites and think its great.

For a new site, I've got a bit of a twist...

Every day, the site will change a bit -- new data items will be added to 
various pages. What I need to do to search this site for keywords and 
obtain a result set that contains only NEW results.

For example, if there is a page that contains the word 'Linux' in paragraph 
3, and then the page is updated with a new paragraph that also contains the 
word 'Linux', then 	-a search conducted on the day of the change will retun 
one result -- the new instance of 'Linux'
	-a search conducted on any subsequent day will return zero results (unless 
a new paragraph is added.)

Is there any in-built feature of SWISH that will help me here? The only way 
I can think to do this is to save the previous day's results, run the query 
on the next day, and check for differences. However, in the real-life 
situation, there will be tens of thousands of these queries and storing 
results will be pretty inefficient.

Any help, much appreciated!

-- John

Identry, LLC
Northport, NY 11768

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Received on Fri Jun 27 15:27:35 2003