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Re: SWISH-E License

From: Greg Fenton <greg_fenton(at)>
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 00:55:08 GMT
--- Alejandro Acosta <> wrote:
> Hello,
>    Thanks for the clarification..., since I am starting to work with
> open source code and hacking it, I still have some doubts, is GNU
> licence = GPL licence?, is there any difference?.

The term "GPL" generally refers to the GNU General Public License.  It
was written by the founder of GNU and FSF, Richard M. Stallman.  Some
people mistakenly call it the "GNU Public License".

For more information on the GPL, see:

> Am I free to use GNU licences to develop software (ej Quanta) for
> my Intranet?, Am I free to use GNU software for my company?.

The GNU GPL may be applied to any software for which you are the
original author and/or have full rights to copyright.

You may use (and alter!) any GPL'ed software for any purpose you desire
with ONE restriction:  if you distribute the software (or your modified
version of the software), you must do so under a license that is
compatible with the GPL.  In a nutshell, you must make the source code
available to whoever you distribute the software and you cannot
restrict that person from also redistributing the results.

MANY companies around the globe rely on GPL'ed software for their
business.  They use the Linux kernel, the GNU utilities and countless
other software packages out there in order to do business.

Note: the point to the GPL is not to restrict you as the end-user.  If
you want to take a GPL'ed package and drastically change it for your
own needs, that's completely fine.  You can use the software in any way
that you please, with the only restriction being the one mentioned

I could go on (and on, and on), but I'll let you ask more questions if
you really want more  :-)


Greg Fenton

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