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Re: improving swish-e rank system

From: Emilio Davis <edavis(at)>
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 08:01:11 GMT
> This has been discussed lately.  So what you want to do is have a meta
> tag on documents (thus a value stored as a property) and then have that
> value modify the rank of the file. Is that correct?

yes thats correct.

> One problem with that method is the property table must be read for each
> and every result.  It may be a small problem but it might slow down
> result generation.  Reading a property requires a bit of I/O.  Just have
> to try it and see.  And try it with an index where you might get 30,000
> results.

thx i'll try what you suggested, I think I'll cut the results to lets say
200-300 (after the first sorting is done) then add my rank and re-sort
(i'm thinking in a linear combination where the strong part is swish-e
rank and my rank will only modify a bit the rank, so with 200ish pages I
think I won't miss a noticiable amount of 'good' results).

Emilio Davis
Received on Wed May 28 08:01:18 2003