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improving swish-e rank system

From: Emilio Davis <edavis(at)>
Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 22:46:02 GMT
Hello, I'm a computer engeneer student and I'm currently working on my
degree thesis. Part of the thesis is to implement a modified version of
PageRank, that work is done and I have included that rank into swish-e
using meta tags, now I want to mix both swish-e rank and the new pagerank
(in a linear combination) to improve the search result, is there any clean
way to do it (I know I can mix those ranks and sort after swish-e has
given me the result but that option use a lot of memory).

note: pagerank and the modified version is static in the sense that I have
the score of all the collection before indexing time.

many thanks in advance,

Emilio Davis
Universidad de Chile

ps. sorry about my english, spanish is my main language
Received on Tue May 27 22:46:12 2003