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RE: Some errors with e-swish and swish.cgi. Solution

From: Alejandro Acosta <Alejandro.Acosta(at)>
Date: Sun May 25 2003 - 20:45:57 GMT
Hello, the answer to my own question..., the problem was the timeout
variable, I increased it to 20 and now it is working..., I can't believe my
server needs more time, I think
I am doing something wrong.., but that is another problem.

Thanks anyway


-----Original Message-----
From: Alejandro Acosta
To: Multiple recipients of list
Sent: 5/25/03 4:10 PM
Subject: [SWISH-E] Some errors with e-swish and swish.cgi

Hello everyone, this is my first message to the list
  I just installed swish-e in my Linux server and it looks great,
however, I
I am missing something in order to tune it up.
  Well, the case is that my swish.cgi script (which I renamed to
returns me the error "Service Currently Unavailable". The script works
of the time
except when I try to search words like: Linux or SQL. When I try other
words, such as 
"chat, my name, etc" works perfect, even when I do booleans searchs.
  It sound very wear to me, but it is the true.
  However, when I try the search from my linux shell it works ok and
tells me: 2 
files found.
  I have searched a lot in internet and there are many Service Currently
errores, I tried some fixes but none of them worked.
  The Apache server log says nothing (it even gives back a 200 code)
  This is what I do from the shell:

--- cut here ---
[root@turbolinux cgi-bin]# SWISH_DEBUG=basic ./search.cgi >outfile
Debug level set to: 1
Config file '.swishcgi.conf': No such file or directory at ./search.cgi
(offline mode: enter name=value pairs on standard input)
Enter a query [all]: Linux
Enter max results to display [1]: 2
Found 2 results
--- cut here ---

I am running Turbolinux 6.5 over RS/6000

Thank you very much
Received on Sun May 25 20:46:04 2003